Top 10 Best No Medical Exam Companies Over 70

Top 10 Best No Medical Exam Companies Over 70

A no wellness check insurance plan policy may well be the best kind of protection for you and your family. For instance, if you have been applying for a way of life plan to no avail, you may consider getting no examination insurance plan as your last resort. Just make sure that any previous illness you had is not serious or debilitating.

Top 10 Best No Medical Exam Companies Over 70

No Medical Exam Companies Over 70
No Medical Exam Companies Over 70

Insurance organizations will still check healthcare records and if they find out that you lied about your problem, your insurance plan could be cancelled. Another situation in which you may need no examination insurance over 70 protection is when you do not want to incur delays in getting insurance plan approval. But whatever your reason is, this kind of plan can address your needs.

No wellness check way of life plans only require a potential insurance policy holder to answer a questionnaire that asks for his previous and existing healthcare situation and way of life. You need to be really honest when answering the questions because these will form the basis of whether the insurer you picked will approve your plan or not.

Life insurance for seniors over 70 no medical exam

Do not worry if you experienced getting sick in previous times. For as long as your healthcare situation or way of life does not make you a very risky insurance policy holder, there will be insurance plan agencies that will consider you as eligible for no examination insurance plan offers.

The average cost of no wellness check insurance plan policy can reach around $100,000. Some insurance plan policy of this kind can even go beyond this figure, especially if the applicant is over 40 years old or has preexisting conditions. Older folks can still apply for a no examination insurance plan package but they may have to pay higher and their protection limits may be significantly lower compared to younger policyholders.

It must also be pointed out that no examination guidelines offer one kind of protection, so if you want to get more benefits, you may still be required to undergo a physical examination.

Life insurance no medical exam no waiting period

Indeed, if you want to avoid all the hassles of getting insurance plan policy, you can always turn to no wellness check way of life insurance protection. You will be in a perfect position for this kind of insurance plan if you are in tiptop wellness and if you do not practice habits that are proven to be bad for your overall wellbeing.

But even without the usual paperwork, you still need to read the small print in your no examination insurance plan plan. Just like in standard insurance plan offers, signing a no examination plan right away without understanding the whole contract can lead to problems later on.

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